What’s it all about, Alfie?

Barbara Streisand had it right when she sang the words from Alfie.

“I know there’s something much more/
something even non-believers can believe in”

Every time a religious holiday comes along, people wonder if any of it is true. And, although the vast majority of the world’s population believe in something, even that is to an uneven degree.

Aside from atheists, who deny the existence of a God; agnostics who want proof before they can – versus believers who do – there are various denominations and sects that vary widely among each other: from literalists, to those who believe in the overall picture … not hanging on to every word.

“I dream of such humanties, such insanities… I’m lost like a kid in a maze”  Old Habits Die Hard by Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart

With so many derivations, who is right? Well, you won’t get the answer from me, but I do feel it’s easier to not believe, than to believe. I mean, who can prove you wrong if no one can prove they’re right?

“Old habits die hard/ Old soldiers just fade away … Harder than November rain … Hard enough to feel the pain”      – Old Habits Die Hard by Mick Jagger, Dave Stewart


As someone once said, it comes down to personal belief; it’s a decision not a discussion.
Personally, I can’t believe there’s nothing: that there’s no power greater than our selves.

“If that’s what it’s all about… Momma, if that’s moving up… I’m moving out” Movin’ Out by Billy Joel

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“But it’s all right now, I learned my lesson well /You see, ya can’t please everyone, so ya got to please yourself” Garden Party by Rick Nelson

So, like a great novel, the true meaning remains unwritten … stirring the soul … which is the basis of all religions.

“But if I really say it, the radio won’t play it/
Unless I lay it between the lines! – I Dig Rock and Roll Music by Peter, Paul and Mary

In that sense, there’s more that unites us than divides us: the spirit of the word rather than the letter of the law. For believers, in the end, none of it really matters, if we don’t practice what we preach: the universal and eternal themes of love, hope, charity, forgiveness, peace and understanding … more than just Nature.

“You’re looking for some peace and love
leader of a big old band/ You wanna save humanity/                                                                                                                                                         But it’s people that you just can’t stand” – I Don’t Wanna Face It by John Lennon

Otherwise you may, as well, believe in nothing at all.

“I believe in love, Alfie/ Without true love we just exist, Alfie”

Fred Parry
www.fredparry.ca April 2014


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