The Blog to be a Book: It’s Personal

“Dear Sir or Madam will you read my book? It took me years to write, will you take a look?” Paperback Writer  by Lennon & McCartney

Dear readers,  

I don’t see myself as wise in my own understanding, but I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and a passion for writing. I also have a creative streak in my DNA that ponders how ideas can be used in our daily lives, for the better.

Being raised to appreciate that not all educated people are intelligent and not all uneducated people (in the formal sense) are unlearned, I’ve found that no one has a monopoly on wisdom or common sense. And, on either side of the fence, there are people who can teach us a lot about the human condition and spirit.

You’ll find that anyone can be a source for my short essays: the artist or writer, the scientist or musician, the professional or philosopher, to family and everyday people … anyone, including myself, who has a story you can take to heart. I see my role as simply reflecting back to others, what I’ve learned. I’m just the middle man … and often, the “man in the mirror” … interpreting what I see.

Coming this fall – just in time for Christmas giving – is “the greatest hits” version of the blog called: The Music In Me (available both online and as a physical book). This is just an advance notice and a firm availability date will be confirm later. Please stay tuned and thank you for your continued interest!  

As many know, I quote song lyrics because they paint a picture; a picture that’s worth a thousand words. It may not be “rocket science”, but as the Rolling Stones sang so well, “I know it’s only rock ‘n roll, but I like it” Yes I do!

Fred Parry
Fred Parry

Fred Parry, Canada, Aug 2013


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