Something to be thankful for?

I don’t know where this finds you; but in Canada, it’s Thanksgiving Day.

Actually, I woke early this morning to find this question beckoning me for an answer.

Of course, I’d like to think of myself as being grateful for my health and that of my family; but I normally just take my health for granted. It’s not until its upfront and personal – say a health problem with a family member for example – that it hits home. And yes, there have been some recent issues; but fortunately, although close, it has not been life or death.   

Mostly what I’ve been grateful for however, is how our family members have stuck together to pitch in, in whatever way they could, to take care of afflicted family members.

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Now, you may say that that’s to be expected of family; but when it’s your family ‘that’s got your back’, it means so much more. This is especially so since family members: took days off work, showed up just days after surgery themselves and even had a 5 month old baby to take care of at the same time … and in all cases meant travelling out of town to do so.

 I’m also grateful for lost sons returning, second chances and, yes, forgiveness.

My wish for you is that you have a satisfactory answer to this question for yourself.


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