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My Easter Story

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Love… everywhere!

I’d like to say a few words about Easter…. specifically, my Easter.

Tradition tells us that a man named Jesus was killed for saying that he and God were one. To prove this, he did special things like making the blind see again and making the lame walk. But, he was still nailed to a cross by those afraid of his power. After  he died, his family and friends took his body to a nearby tomb – where he would be prepared for burial.

But, when they returned, an angel was there to tell them Jesus was no longer there. He had risen, and was with his father, as he said would happen… and that he would see them again… which he did.

Now, all these years later, people wonder if it was all true… what we call Easter, today.

Some, sort of believe… because they wonder what would happen if it was true and they didn’t believe. Others, say that although they can’t prove it, it’s true in their hearts. This is called faith.

So, when we say ‘Happy Easter’, were really celebrating life over death: the ultimate proof.

One thing for sure, you can talk to him anytime: That’s called prayer.

If I look back 15 years, I’d see my life quite differently from today. Those days would be missing some interesting things compared to today: grandchildren, covid-19, smart phones, or, many dear family and friends. Plus, some great opportunities.

In many ways, we had it made. As my dad used to say, “People don’t know when they got it good.”

Of course, we don’t know the results of decisions we make unless we look back at the past and connect the dots… to see the patterns… some good decisions… some, not so much.

In many cases, my resolve often seem to melt away, despite having begun so well. But, for me, one of my successes was ‘The Music in Me’ book…  guided as it was by faith: believing in something that cannot be seen. Within its pages was our life of growing up with our three kids on our hobby farm: the way we were.

Love... Everywhere

And, what crazy times they were – raising the kids with the golden rule and not making the mistakes my folks made: a nasty divorce that brought on heartaches for everyone concerned. That book wasn’t a million seller, but what a wealth of memories.

They say be careful what you wish for; but, I trusted in my ability to do achieve great things. Yet, I didn’t pray enough to stay on track and daily doing what I should do to keep my momentum moving forward. I allowed things to get in my way due to an “attention disorder” I discovered later. God kept lobbying the baseballs of opportunity my way, but most times, I wasn’t even holding the bat when they came across the plate. Still, with rightful thinking, I had some great hits.

So, my Easter is about how my life’s successes triumphed over failures: opening my faith to take a chance and have it all work out. I used my life as an example for our three kids: showing, not telling them, what is possible when you believe in the goodness of your cause to help others.

My advice? Don’t wait for 15 years to prove this reality for yourself. You can simply ask for guidance, today. You may like or dislike the answers, but believe me, they’ll be the right ones. But, based on my experience, it’s a decision, not a discussion.

That’s the way I figure it. – FP


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