Good Things Happening

Over the past few weeks, I‘ve been hearing good and positive news, in many ways.

·         A lady, whose daughter just got married and is a young teacher, is now getting long term teaching assignments … her new husband about to get his engineering ‘ticket’ of choice.

·         A young man after teaching 9 years overseas and who, after several years of applying, is finally accepted into teacher’s college here.

·         Several people who, after many treatments, have overcome the scourges of cancer.

·         An extremely bright young man, under the influence of being newly married, has decided to go back to university … marks in the 90’s.

·         A person, recently divorced, buying a new home and making a fresh start, in an otherwise accomplished life.

·         Families working together to care for young children – within limits – that helps all concerned.

·         People coming to retirement with grace and dignity and embracing the future.

·          Folks immediately showing the courage to engage life again, after the death of a life partner.

·         Others, who struggle daily, slowly crawling out of the abyss from some ongoing and chronic condition to, never-the-less, smile at the world.

·         Volunteers and friends helping out others in need, in so many ways.

Our problems?  

 “When you see others and their problems, it makes your problems seem small!”

– ‘Meals on Wheels’ volunteer

We all have “special needs” to overcome; and we need to do the best we can, when we can, to get there.


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