Georgy Girl

All in a dream, I’m hurrying back through an older section of town to reclaim something I bought, which being forgetful, I left, but which I desperately need: an obsolete part that only they carry. As I race past a vast array of stores and shops, I can see they’re already shutting down for the holiday weekend: employees looking at their watches counting down the minutes to closing time… some already locking their big glass doors.

Yikes! Is it possible I can make it? It doesn’t look good.

I mean, I understand, people in retail work long hours they’ve families and a life to go home to why should they have to wait around because of my stupidity? From the corner of my eye… are those lights I see turning off?!

As I reach the shop, I hear reassuring sights and sounds as everyone is talking at once… very much still open and alive. “Why doesn’t the till match the receipts?” an employee shouts. “It’s got to match!” someone else yells. It’s obvious, judging by their antique cash register, that this venerable business family’s salute to technology is IBM: It’s Better Manually.

My heart is pumping like an uninvited guest to the wrong party; yet, against this cacophony of goings-on, someone from behind me says, “Can I help you sir?” I turn to recognize the clerk as the shopkeeper’s beautiful daughter, Georgy.

She’s looking directly into my eyes in a non-judgmental Mother Teresa sort of way: offering hope when there’s none… willing to serve me despite me feeling so guilty for being here at closing time. And, she means it: like its 9am and I am her first customer.

“Only trouble is, Gee whiz/ I’m dreamin’ my life away” – All I Have to do is Dream by The Everly Brothers

Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci Wikipedia

Wow! What a woman! I don’t know whether to take her home to meet mother or fall down at her feet … anything. She’s acting like nothing’s a problem… making sure I realize that she’s not going anywhere until I’m completely satisfied.

As I reclaim my part, returning both mine and the store’s receipt, I feel like I’m in a parade being carried to the door on people’s shoulders – high 5’s all around with confetti pouring down on everyone – like I’m a winner or something!

What does all this mean to a customer? It means I’ll be coming back – telling everyone I know how well I’ve been treated… and for the employees?

It means that when they’re finally re-united with their families, they can count on thriving… living the dream of delivery from a humdrum life of existence. We all can… like Georgy!

“Bring out all the love you hide and, oh, what a change there’d be/ The world would see a new Georgy girl” – Georgy Girl by The Seekers

Does service like this exist? Mother would be pleased.

As I awake, I’m reminded that knowing a real Georgy girl, means knowing that dreams do come true.

Fred Parry     August 2014

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