Car Tunes to Live By (Wisdom from my car stereo speakers)

“Life is a highway; I want to drive it all night long.”   – Life is a Highway by Tom Cochrane

I love highway driving – day or night – in my “classic” ride.Even long stretches don’t bother me; allowing more time for my favorite hobby…listening to music. And, it doesn’t much matter what’s the music genre, as long as it speaks to my heart, mind and soul. So, I don’t necessarily play the typical classic car tunes: like ‘GTO’ by Ronny & the Daytona’s:

“Little GTO you’re really looking fine /  Three deuces and a four speed and a 389.”

To me, those long trips are a chance to get rejuvenated.

For example, a few years back, my youngest daughter introduced me to the music of the late, George Jones. I popped his ‘greatest hits’ into  the CD, and (as I complained to my daughter later) by the time old George got finished with my heart, I was an emotional wreck by the end of the trip.

I went to see him just today/Oh, but I didn’t see no tears                                                                                                           All  dressed up to go away/ First time I’d seen him smile in years”

He Stopped Loving Her Today

It reminded me of how blessed we are to be loved, because there’re some hurts that never will die, until we do. And, no one makes you feel that pain like Mr. Jones vocals. Thanks George, I needed that… not!

Maybe, because I was in a certain mood, as I got emotionally free from Jones’ clutches, I ran into another instructive experience – compliments of the ‘The Travelling Wilburys’ song the ‘End of the Line’- featuring the ever-so-soulful voice of the late Roy Orbison.

“Well it’s all right, even if your old and gray/Well it’s all right, you still got something to say/ Well it’s all right, remember to live and let live/ Well it’s all right, the best you can do is forgive”

Since we’re all heading to the “end of the line”, I try looking at my life experiences and contributions: could I’ve given back more, been kinder, less judgemental, more forgiving… even to strangers. As a veteran police officer once said to me, “You have to have a little faith in humanity.”

“Take it or leave it, or try to believe it/ If you’ve been down too long                                                                                          – Rainy Day People by Gordon Lightfoot

And, to think I was a-washed by all this wisdom simply cruising down the highway – enjoying the journey over the destination. Plus more… feeling my little engine of life’s just starting to ‘tach up.’
“Now were doing a hundred twenty, as fast as I can go/
The Rambler pulled alongside of me, as if we were going slow/The fella rolled down his window, and yelled for me to hear/  Hey buddy how do I get this car outa second gear?”

Beep! Beep! by the The Playmates

Fred Parry The Music In Me July, 2016

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