A Death in the Family: a short PS



We celebrated Father’s Day this past Sunday, and I was reminded, again, that the best gifts ever given to me have been my children … now three young adults.

We talked about the contents of this post (see previous entry) and they chastised me when it got to the part whereby I stated that only relatives should attend my mom’s funeral.

Why, they asked, would I not let her friends come to the ceremony?  

Under cross-examination, it turns out I had no defence; that after all this time, I’ve been more worried about myself than about her. It forced a tear or two to fall as I realized that they were right and I was wrong. It will now be opened to anyone who cares enough to come… you can only pre-plan plan so much, after which, the logistics will just have to take care of themselves.

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I was humbled to have found that I had drifted so far off the mark. Until they reminded me that what they were doing was simply following the fatherly advice they grew up with – to tell it like it is.

Father knows best? I’m not too sure anymore. On the other hand, with great “kids” like these, how can I go wrong?

Let the sunshine in,



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